Dr Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez


Dr Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Associate Professor of the University of Lincoln (UoL), is a passionate chemist that works to make a safer world for future and present generations. He has developed research in analytical and physical chemistry for more than 20 years. Dr Gonzalez has published 66 publications and 40 communications to congresses up to date and has attracted funds over 3.5 million pounds to date over this period.

Jose started working in recycling and environmental science during his PhD where he developed a patent to extract polyphenols from wood in a more environmental way. He developed his postdoctoral research in the National Oceanography Centre (Soton) where he worked to understand the natural release of CFCs (ozone damaging gases) in marine environments. Since 2006, when he joined UoL, he has been working in forensic, clinical and environmental sciences to produce sensors and materials to identify and trap dangerous substances or to reuse those of value.  

For Creative Reactions 2021, researcher Dr Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez worked with artist Samantha Salisbury


Website: www.staff.lincoln.ac.uk

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Publications: www.pubs.acs.org