Dr Julia Foecker


Dr. Julia Foecker is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and joined the department in august 2018. Julia’s research interest is the impact of technology use and visual deprivation on neural plastic changes in the developing and mature human brain. 

Prior to Lincoln, Julia held a postdoctoral position at the University Rochester, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, New York, USA (2010-2012), followed by a three-year-postdoctoral position at the University of Geneva, Switzerland (2012-2015) in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Daphne Bavelier. From 2015-2018, Julia worked as an Assistant Professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany in the Institute of Clinical Neuropsychology.  

For Creative Reactions 2021, researcher Dr Julia Foecker worked with artist Katie Watson.


Website: www.staff.lincoln.ac.uk