Paige Whitaker


Paige Whitaker is a final year BA Fine Arts student that primarily produces video and audio based artwork that focuses on critiquing the lens of the male gaze. The work they produce experiments with the power dynamics at play between the artist and audience. This tends to be explored through digital performance, as it allows the audience to relate the themes of the work to real life situations.  

Recently, Whitaker has been interested in using spoken word poetry as a method of tackling subjects that are often difficult to discuss. This is paired with footage of them performing everyday tasks, appealing to instinctive curiosityThey present specific word choices and imagery that aim to provoke a reaction from the audience, and challenge their instinctive thought processes. Whitaker aims to produce such provocative performances to encourage audiences to reflect on lived experiences, as well as reforming previous opinions. 

For Creative Reactions 2021, artist Paige Whitaker worked with researcher Alexandra Carlin.

Instagram: @pgybbyart