A Bubble of Air

By artist Lime Green Welly (Edd Roberts) in collaboration with researcher Neil Holden.
Mixed media sculptures; inhaler fragments, glass bubbles, paint and recycled materials. Accompanying audio pieces.


Images 1&2: A Bubble of Air One (and accompanying audio)
Images 3&4: A Bubble of Air Two (and accompanying audio)


The following pieces explore a range of conditions that affect the lungs such as inflammation, viruses, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma, as well as the medications that are used to treat them.

These works primarily explore the lives of two individuals affected by some of these conditions. Focusing on recent events, we explore their experiences of living with these conditions, the struggles of getting their medications as well as the events that led to their diagnoses and need for the medicine in the first place. 


  • A glass bubble containing a fragment of an inhaler, sat on a white plinth
  • Close up of the white ring inhaler fragment inside the glass bubble
  • A glass bubble containing a blue fragment of an inhaler, sat on a white plinth
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