Disconnected Realities 

By artist Naomi Jackson in collaboration with researcher Mo Ray
Oil painting on MDF board and a digital zine.


In response to the project ‘Ethical Issues in Self-funded Social Care: Coproducing knowledge with older people’ I curated a zine that brings together some first hand accounts by the older people involved in the research, to spotlight some of the haunting realities of self-funded care, which often remain invisible to policies and practice. The care system is complex and fragmented, and to improve care quality there is a serious need for a level of humanity, to reconnect and build mutual trust and respect between carer and recipient. So, whilst the zine explores the harsher realities, with the painting, I wanted to explore a kind of hopeful reconnection between humans at every level, to show that ageing and receiving care should not be seen as a sign of life ending but rather part of a cohesive cycle. 


Read the full digital zine HERE


  • Oil painting of two doves in flight around a large red hour glass
  • Screen shot of a digital zine double page spread of text
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